Episode 32: William Sichel

Welcome to series four folks! I'm so excited to share a fresh ten episodes with you. And what a line up - ten incredible individuals who have shared their no-filter life stories.

I had the joy of sitting down with William Sichel during his recent trip to Edinburgh, in which he spoke at the fantastic Edinburgh running store Run & Become.

If you are a runner but haven't heard about William Sichel's adventures in mega-distance running, where have you been? A record-breaker for consecutive decades, William is a force to be reckoned with in the niche world of multiple-day running. He has notched up over 680 speed and distance records and competed in races ranging from speedy 100km's to the world-renowned and little understood extremity that is the 3100; a 3100 mile, 52-day run around a busy block of New York City. He continues to compete and smash through new boundaries, whilst running a business on a remote Orkney isle, being a dad and coaching other athletes. In fact, just weeks ago he ran a fastest-known time along the brutal North Coast 500 route in Scotland, taking just 8 days to cover 518 miles following months of fastidious mental and physical preparation.

This isn't where the wonder ends, as William is 65. This guy refuses to let outdated perceptions of human potential within certain age brackets hold him back from new challenges. Sitting across from him on my couch, I couldn't get my head around the fact he was over 60, let alone 65 - he exudes a youthful glow and energy that some folks two decades his junior struggle to muster after a hard day in the office.

Quite aside from his many running expeditions, William has lived through some difficult times in the past few years. His wife of 35 years died suddenly in 2017, not even two years ago, from advanced lung cancer. She survived just 24 days after her diagnosis. William talks candidly about this experience and its far-reaching impact, how his grief manifests today and moving forward to a new phase of his life with a new partner.

I loved talking to William and still feel thoughtful and inspired by his meticulous yet non-conformist approach to life and challenge. He has an impressively scientific approach to his running and training, and as well as talking about his racing exploits we get into deep detail about his training and racing strategies. There's some brilliant advice in here for ultra runners and endurance athletes, and if you're looking for a knowledgeable coach with decades of distance experience look no further (check out the link to William's coaching service below).

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Thanks to the amazing Adrian Stott, who connected William and I.

Show notes

William’s coaching service

The Van Aaken Method book

The Power of Now

Seeking Perfect Health and other books by Sri Chinmoy

Core & strength: turkish get ups

Fixing your feet by John Vonhof

CLAN cancer support

The Scottish North Coast 500

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