Episode 52: UTMB Oman catch up with Gayle Tait

A few weeks ago I recorded a special bonus between-season catch up with now three-time guest Gayle Tait, fresh from her brutally-difficult adventure at UTMB Oman last month.

Gayle doesn’t need much intro if you’ve listened to the podcast for a while, but this ultra running mama is a force in the mountains and an amazing advocate for the power of speaking up. She’s been open about some life-changing mental health experiences (check out episode 25 for more on that).

Gayle just got back from running and finishing the insanely technical UTMB Oman, after a difficult DNF experience at UTMB in Chamonix this summer. She takes us back to Oman with her, enlightening us on the trails, conditions, role of pre-race expectations and head space, most difficult moments and just the physicality of the whole weekend, plus her experience with post-adventure blues. Oh, and there might be some talk of feet - see below for more on this!

Huge thanks to Gayle for making a trio of episodes with me, we are all grateful for the time you've given.

Watch this space for a preview on series six too, coming your way before January is out. If you need a fix of more before then, jump over to Patreon to sign up (just $5 per month!) and access several Behind the Mic bonus episodes. You'll be helping support the essential ongoing costs of producing the show!

Happy, healthy, straight-talking 2020 everyone and thanks for listening in 2019.

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UTMB Mont Blanc

Grizedale forest trail runs

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