Episode 59: A conversation with Tracy Watt

This week on the podcast we are honoured to hear stories on life and loss from Tracy Watt, who is one of the powerhouse women running the show at the incredible stillbirth and neonatal charity Held In Our Hearts (previously known as Sands Lothian).

As a bereaved parent, your grief travels with you through life as a constant companion. It can visit you on notable anniversaries but it can also take you down at happy, joyous times like weddings, birthdays and other milestones.

Tracy brings us into her world and shares thoughts on these topics honestly and openly.

Tracy lost her son Lewis 29 years ago, when he was just hours old. Shortly before she had been told by doctors that he had life-limiting disabilities and would not survive the birth. Yet he did, and she had 19 hours with him.

She shares her experiences, from what the pregnancy felt like through to being told the shocking, horrifying news, enduring the labour, meeting Lewis and leaving hospital without her son.

Our conversation explores:

The unique nature of grief for losing a baby

The acceptance process

What to say and not to say to families who are bereaved in this way

The work of Held In Our Hearts

Finding fitness as therapy and becoming a marathon runner

Tracy has travelled a very personal path over the past 29 years, from struggling to articulate her feelings to talking about Lewis and accessing talking therapy sixteen years later, taking her to a new, open place in her grief. She shares how she fell into patterns of numbing before, such as smoking, alcohol and self-neglect, to dull the anger, sadness and loss. We also get into Tracy’s huge new running goals for 2020, which involve taking on the most awesome 53-mile Highland Fling race.

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