Episode 46: Tim Lambert

“Running is my church, and my pub”

Today we hear from Tim Lambert, who reminds us that running can provide a catalyst for the big changes we choose, as well as therapy for big changes we have no choice in.

Tim has been a friend since I got into Western States in 2013. Having crewed on the course he got in touch with gold dust advice. He’s well known by folks in the ultra distance world here and overseas for his passion and generosity of spirit; if there were awards for advocates of the sport, Tim would surely have a cabinet-full.

He has been running long for years himself, completing races like the North Downs Way 100 and Brazoz Bend 100 in the US. An experience that only came after a hard-fought transition from heavy drinking, chain-smoking city kid.

It’s been a full on few years for Tim, he’s dealt with a potentially game-changing heart infection, Pericarditis, which threw his plans to train for Western States up into the air, his first start after six year of trying to get in. He had an excruciating battle at the ‘Big Dance’ of ultra running – struggle through deep snow, the fallout from a lack of depth in training, battling the clock and the cut off’s and finally having to drop from the race.

Tim also been open about his work to keep anxiety at bay through all areas of his life, and has a lot to share about what it’s like to follow a dream and start a business – he should know, he has two. The latest, Rockstar Sport, is a new brand of beautiful, original and ethically-sourced threads designed not just for running and fitness but everything we do in life, from vegging in to getting out with friends. He’s captured my dream; to live and work in fitness clothes and never have to change 😊

So we get into a conversation on all of this: Tim’s life before he found running; what Pericarditis felt like and its impact on his life; dealing with disappointment from Western States; managing anxiety; and what the process of starting Rockstar has brought. A huge dose of love & respect to Tim for talking to us, and as always you can find the episode from 8am this Friday over on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and wherever else you listen to podcasts. Enjoy and share!

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