Episode ten: a conversation with Sophie Mullins

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Three things I didn’t know before talking to Sophie Mullins:

1. Perfume can trigger anaphalactic shock for some people

2. What mast cells are and why they are vital in our bodies

3. She wins 5k races OUTRIGHT

Sophie is an Edinburgh-based and plant-powered software engineer and runner. She was good enough to sit down with me just a few days after the West Highland Way Race in June, with an impressive array of bumps and bruises, and tell me the story of some pretty sizeable life challenges she’s been through over the past few years. Sophie has a rare disease called Mastocytosis, where the body’s mast cells (a kind of white blood cell) become too active, increasing the risk of life-threatening allergic reactions through anaphylaxis. Sophie talks about her journey from diagnosis and being told she couldn’t run again to treatment and discovering how she could be active whilst managing the disease – and this was a pretty unprecedented move in the community of sufferers.

Since then, Sophie has become Scottish champion at the 100k distance – on punishing road no less – run sub 3 hour marathons and won 5km races outright. But more importantly to Sophie, she’s been able to just keep active and moving in the outdoors and it was so interesting getting an insight into the strength of mind that helped her prove doctors wrong.

We talk about Sophie’s diagnosis, treatment, return to running, they why of running for her, daily struggles managing symptoms, her WHW adventure and the gender gap across different race distances.

The episode is RIGHT HERE!

Sophie ran the WHW Race to raise money for Lumos, a charity that helps keep children out of orphanages by supporting families to keep them or take them back. If you can spare a few quid please check out her Just Giving page in the show notes below, plus all the other sites we talk about in the episode.

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