Series two, episode 14: Rob Allen

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

“Gratitude and resilience are muscles. The more you practice them, the more you’ll default to them in difficult times”.

Straight to the point; Rob Allen’s story impacted me deeply and this is a special episode. At its core it is a stark reminder of the unimaginable twists and turns life can take you to, and the expansive meaning and growth that can be found in the depths of these places.

Rob has visited some dark and traumatic corners in his life; losing a child, navigating an auto immune disease and his marriage breaking down. Yet he found a way forward despite this, with a powerful purpose behind him. Today he doesn’t just survive, but thrives in so many ways. Take-away’s from his mindset on everything from suffering to running to day-to-day life have stayed firmly with me. As he says, “Living in this country we have won the lottery of life. We have so much to be thankful for and I wish we spent more time thinking about that and not what we don’t have”.

As well as honestly sharing his life experiences, Rob also talks about his running ventures, all sparked by reading Scott Jurek’s book in a tent on the Isle of Man one weekend. Despite this impulsive entry into the world of ultra running - where years rather than months of training rather are often needed - Rob has discovered an aptitude, strength and resilience for mountain running, completing races like UTMB and challenges such as the Bob Graham Round with speedster performances. A discovery perhaps not in isolation from the experiences he has been through; where he has managed to not just accept but flourish from struggle and change in his life.

I hope you all enjoy listening in on this one and find your own inspiration from Rob’s words, and check out his own blog in the show notes below.

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Show notes

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Friends of Strathmore School (the school that Rob and Kate raised funds for)

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