Episode 37: Lucy Colquhoun

The lovely Lucy Colquhoun is our guest this Friday, people. For those who are not in Scotland or haven’t heard of Lucy, she is an accomplished runner with many ultramarathon records under her belt (current course record holder of the West Highland Way Race as well as former winner of the CCC). She is absolutely not defined by a running CV though – or anything else in fact – but is passionate about being out in the hills (without Strava!), running with her dogs, cooking and entrepreneurship.

I feel fortunate to call Lucy a friend and grateful she said yes to sitting down and getting into some of the darker, more difficult elements of life. And we managed more than a few giggles, as you’ll hear!

So, how many times do we judge someone from the outside?

Before I knew Lucy well, I knew her by reputation as an incredible, formidable runner; a small, powerful athlete who smashed records and won every race she rocked up to. Certainly not someone who ever struggled with self-doubt, mental health or her relationship to running and the running community.

It’s a reminder to us all to try and temper our judgements and know that most folk are fighting a battle of some sort, and that there are very many layers to each individual.

I popped down to see Lucy in her beautiful and under-renovation house in Peebles, and pressed record. We get into:

  • Lucy’s background, her first ambitions and drive to run competitively

  • What some of her exceptional trail races were like from the inside

  • Daily training and pressures in the lead up to her record-breaking West Highland Way Race in 2007 and losing a sense of perspective in life

  • The dangers of a singular focus on races and racing at the expense of all else

  • Lucy’s experience with mental health struggles, especially anxiety and what a bad mental health day looks and feels like

  • Her relationship to running today

  • The difficulties of maintaining healthy friendships as a sensitive person and the pitfalls of social media for falling down the compare and despair hole

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Show notes

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The Dementia Choir documentary


Love Cyprus Dog Rescue

Borders Pet Rescue

Anxiety UK

The Radio 4 Listening Project

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