Episode eight: a conversation with Laurie McAllister


HAPPY Friday everyone! If you haven’t heard of Girl & Tonic then perhaps today is the day to check it out. Laurie McAllister is the writer behind this captivating blog and she’s also a yoga teacher and sober advocate whose work has been featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post, Look magazine and The Times. Girl & Tonic shares her stories of sober-ness, the transition from a work-hard-play-hard London lifestyle to country-based yoga teacher, her depression and all sorts of life stuff in between. Laurie worked in the intense world of media and marketing before taking the step to relocate to rural Norfolk and in our conversation we talk about what led to her quitting drinking, the messiness of the process, finding her way through changing dynamics with friends and family, dealing with depression and anxiety and her experiences of training to be a yoga teacher.

We’re coming full circle here as Laurie went through the One Year No Beer programme run by Ruari Fairbairns (episode one!) and talks more about the experience.

Laurie was bags of fun to talk to; super open and full of energy and drive, with golddust advice for others contemplating similar changes in their lives. If you love the conversation, please subscribe on iTunes, leave a rating, share with friends (makes such a difference!) and check out Laurie’s blog Girl and Tonic.

The episode is RIGHT HERE. Thanks Laurie for sharing a slice of your mind with us!

Show notes

One Year No Beer

Club Soda

Ruari Fairbairns episode

Awesome Supplements (vegan protein shakes)

Eat Natural peanut bars


Mind Body Green

Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

Sober Spring

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