Series two, episode 19: Jonny Muir

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Jonny Muir day on the podcast today, for our penultimate instalment in series two (yikes!). Jonny’s was one of the first blogs I followed when I was getting healthy and dabbling in my own adventures with running back in 2008-9, and I jumped down the rabbit hole of reading about his 2006 adventure across the UK.

In just 92 days, Jonny cycled to the summit of every one of the UK’s 92 counties. Just a casual little bike ride of 5,000 miles. He documented this in his book The Heights of Madness, which gives a clue to the mindset struggles he endured throughout with solitude, feeling like he wasn’t going anywhere in a logical point-to-point sense, and the brutal weather conditions he faced for most of that summer. I remember reading his account of the endless strong winds and driving rains on the road day after day and wondering what motivated him to keep moving forward.

I was lucky enough to meet one of Jonny’s colleagues at a recent event our charity held, and was intrigued to hear he is now teaching in a school in Edinburgh. Perfect podcast opportunity!

Since The Heights of Madness Jonny has written four further books, travelogue-style, taken up English teaching, run a seriously tough Ramsay Round in the Scottish Highlands, got married and become a dad to two girls.

We were thrown a few technology challenges during the interview but managed to redeem things nicely, despite a few false starts. Jonny talked to me about a whole mix of adventures and life changes:

· His early years camping all around the UK

· Memories of his 92-day mega Heights of Madness adventure

· His Ramsay Round and digging into Scottish hill running for The Mountains are Calling

· The why of running and the hills for him

· Deciding to teach and how day-to-day teaching has measured up against expectation

· The transition to becoming a Dad and balancing responsibility with outdoor goals

· The most surprising challenges and joys of fatherhood

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Show notes

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The Mountains are Calling

The Heights of Madness

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Isles at the Edge of the Sea

The Ramsay Round

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