Episode 74: A bonus conversation with Jennie Agg

Hi friends! Welcome back to this super special episode whilst Of Mountains and Minds is on hiatus for the rest of this year.

Back in the depths of Covid-19 lockdown, I read Jennie Agg’s Guardian Long Read and asked if she would be open to speaking to me, despite the fact she was due to give birth just a month later. Happily, she agreed!

Jennie is a talented writer and journalist, working primarily in the field of women’s health, who has had been through a torrent of loss and grief in the past five years. Since enduring a miscarriage four years ago, just days before her 12-week scan, she has suffered three more devastating pregnancy losses. Throughout the trauma of these years, she was given repeated medical reassurances that nothing was wrong and struggled to understand the why of it all.

Jennie is a powerhouse of knowledge on the issue of recurrent miscarriage, and openly and honestly shares her personal perspectives, growth and struggles through her stunning blog, The Uterus Monologues. She also shines a light on the experiences of other women with their own miscarriage stories by curating guest monologues.

Excitingly, since we recorded our conversation I can report that Jennie gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy, Edward, in July. Both mama and son are thriving and healthy. Congratulations Jennie!

In our conversation we talk about:

  • The lack of open conversation about trying to conceive and the isolation that results

  • The emotional impact of going through three miscarriages in under a year

  • Jennie’s experience of enduring her first miscarriage at 12 weeks

  • The unintended consequences and fallout of people’s reactions to miscarriage news

  • Regressive attitudes to miscarriage and social awkwardness with other women

  • The process of finding peace and acceptance with recurrent miscarriage

  • What being pregnant through the time of Covid-19 and lockdown has been like

  • The gift of connection with other people who are grieving

  • Jennie’s experience of taking progesterone in her fifth pregnancy after discovering new research around its potential role in miscarriage prevention

Thanks so much to Jennie to opening up about the fine detail of recurrent pregnancy loss, which is just the tip of the iceberg in her writing and awareness-raising work, shifting us towards a more supportive, stigma-free culture.

You can hear a previous conversation on miscarriage, which I recorded with Natalie Scroggie, a.k.a This Vet Runs on social, by checking out episode 35. I also spoke to my good friend Elizabeth Richardson about solo IVF in episode 27.

This bonus episode will be live Saturday 22 August at 8am GMT. Friends, go listen and share in your favourite places or through the links below.

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