Episode 47: Jamie Ramsay

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Meet Jamie Ramsay. Professional adventurer who has travelled over 30,000 self-powered kilometres. Sounds sexy right?

He tells us about the honest every day and the constant trade off with such a routine-free life; the great joys, the freedoms, the battles with motivation, a drive that is often fuelled by negative emotions; the relationship compromises, the work. Yes, the work – as this is a job and an income as well as a life of solo-powered travel and adventure.

I’m going to say up front that I loved talking to Jamie. His approach to adventure and personal fulfilment is thought-provoking. From a fast-paced, high-stress corporate career in London to a pared-down existence in rural France, interspersed with expeditions all over the world – from cycling across Australia to running to Argentina from Canada. He listened to his intuition and steered a new path for his life.

We get to learn a lot about Jamie:

  • His aversion to planning the detail of expeditions in advance and the psychological benefits he finds in planning as he travels; a distraction tactic for an exhausted mind

  • What his lifestyle living, working and partying in the city in London felt like.

  • How he made the transition from London rat race to adventuring all over the world and the choice to move his base to rural France.

  • How he finances a life of adventure and expeditions.

  • Jamie’s lifestyle as an adventurer and adapting to lack of routine.

  • The experience of cycling across Australia.

  • His opinions on the value of work in human lives for structure, meaning and fulfilment.

  • His passion for wildlife, diving and the ocean.

  • His approach to the post-adventure blues

  • How he is approaching his imminent expedition across Madagascar and mindset on the risks, which include the bubonic plague, cyclones, poor healthcare and crime.

  • The current procrastination he is experiencing about writing and publishing his first book – the vulnerability of putting the past on the page.

This week Jamie is heading to Madagascar - a country he has always dreamt of exploring. He’s running across the country, over 50 marathons back-to-back (he doesn’t like rest days), checking out the coast as he goes and dropping into the ocean for a dive or two. You can follow his progress on the tracker here.

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