Episode nine: a conversation with Jamie Aarons (and Andy Taylor)

Let me introduce you to Jamie Aarons. This woman is something else. I’m lucky to call her a friend and she redefines what it means to be strong and persistent in the mountains, and in other areas of life.

A California native living in the west of Scotland, Jamie has a spiky trail of adventures and monster endurance races behind her, and a few more in the pipeline this year. In 2015, she won the 95-mile West Highland Way Race and this year managed to take another hour from her winning time, finishing in just over 18 hours as second female and in the top ten overall.

In 2013, she took on a lengthier challenge with her partner Andy Taylor and hiked, skied or snowshoed all 282 of Scotland’s Munros in a single year. Last year Jamie developed a rare condition called rhabdomyolysis during a multi-day event, which brought her close to kidney failure and landed her in an Italian hospital for a week. She is inspiring for sure, but it’s not all about races and results for her, her love for the outdoors shines through in everything she does and she has a refreshing approach to training and competing.

We talk about what it took for Jamie and Andy to successfully achieve climbing all of the Munros in a year whilst holding down full time jobs; the struggle involved in taking on such a demanding project as a couple; and the raw realities of her date with rhabdo. Andy joins us too as a bonus guest, to give his perspective on the year of Munros.

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Show notes

Jamie and Andy’s Munro blog

Steven Fallon’s site is a tremendous source for Munro baggers, particularly if you’re seeking big days linking up many mountains.

Tor des Geants race

Ultra Trail Snowdonia

Highland Fling race

West Highland Way Race

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