Episode 45: Hannah Swift

This week’s show is a little different as I sit down in person with someone I am lucky to know here in Edinburgh, Hannah Swift. Hannah has her own acupuncture practice, Yellow Empress, and treated me after I broke my collarbone earlier this year. I’ve said it before but I am convinced acupuncture helped me heal faster, and I became intrigued with a practice that had always seemed mysterious to me.

Hannah has her own fascinating story to share about how she came to understand her physical limits and listen to her body. When she was younger, she suffered with debilitating chronic fatigue - an illness which stripped back her ability to work and move as she was used to. She could no longer push herself to constantly achieve and be productive. Her illness was the catalyst for Hannah to re-evaluate her approach to life, rest and recovery and her experiences also fuelled her to re-think her career and explore acupuncture.

Hannah talked to me about:

  • What her life was like leading up to chronic fatigue, and how it manifested at its worst

  • What she learnt through the process about how to care for herself, and the importance of the speed of a recovery

  • How acupuncture helped her heal and where she is today with her awareness

  • How she describes acupuncture to the layman, what is involved in the practice and its value for a spectrum of injuries and issues

Hannah brings her beautifully calming nature to the room; she listens with intent and uses intuition, which are skills I sometimes think are lost in trappings of our modern culture, with its charging pace and time pressures. I loved this opportunity to slow down and hear more about Hannah’s story. For those Edinburgh-based folks who are curious about the practice, check out Yellow Empress or share with someone who might benefit.

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