Caroline & Caroline: episode two and an introduction to the podcast

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

I sit down with my lovely friend Caroline Wills in her beautiful sunshine-filled kitchen in Portobello to talk about our backgrounds, goals and struggles and what the deal is with this podcast project. Her little dog Snook even joins us, see if you can hear her.

Caroline is a creative soul, a transplant to Edinburgh from Bristol and originally Manchester, who I connected with after she volunteered at the NGO I work for, Link Community Development. We hit it off through shared excitement for vegan cooking, studying the arts, partying hard in our 20's and the outdoors.

This is a chat about about the why of the podcast, the experience of loss in both of our lives, why I'm stepping back from big running goals this year, Caroline's ventures and struggles in the creative industries and how she plans to challenge herself in 2018. Seriously, we could have kept chatting for hours and we've both thought of so many things we should have gone into (always the way!) so this is sure to be a regular catch up. CHECK IT OUT and please share with all of your people on social media, and give us a quick rating on iTunes or your podcast app. As a brand new podcast, it means everything and will help me continue. Here are a few notes on our favourite things mentioned in the episode:


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