Bonus episode 61: Covid-19 and Duncan McArthur

“At that point I started to have a real appreciation for the fragility of mental health, and my own.” Duncan McArthur

What a month March has been. Sending a big dose of love and endurance to you all. Whatever form of impact Covid-19 has had on you, I imagine its had some.

What to do with the podcast through a time like this?

I was about to post the next two pre-recorded episodes; the final two in series six. Instead, I’ve decided to release a bonus episode for this week, with my significant other person Duncan McArthur, and talk about anxiety, depression, career change and of course Covid-19. I’m also giving a bunch of shout outs to a range of incredible independent businesses in need of your online love. There are so many out there, offering up beautiful local produce, adventure films, online fitness and other goodies that will brighten up your isolation station. Check the link list out below. Please buy responsibly.

Also let me know if you have more to add and I can pull together a regular shout out list. Apologies if the ones I mention are not local to you, many are in Scotland with a handful being globally-available.

Normal service resumes next week, so this series will now run up until 10th April.

So more about Duncan. A geophysicist by training, Duncan worked offshore on a survey boat in the oil and gas industry for years, travelling the world from Africa to Asia and Europe. After a tough time with his mental health in the latter years he chose to take a year off, focusing on his wellbeing and throwing himself into painting, nature study, running and mountain leader qualifications. A few qualities strike me most. Duncan is someone who is true to himself and honest through and through. A selfless, generous friend, there for his people. He’s a ridiculously funny guy, making me laugh every day. So funny that when we first met I questioned how someone with such a sense of fun emitting from them could ever fall into depression and anxiety.

Which is exactly why we should never judge and know that most people are fighting internal battles of some form or another, even if they appear fine on the outside. Duncan sat down with me in our quarantine nest to talk about the dark times in his life, career change, staying well and Covid-19.

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Shout outs

The Trussell Trust (national food bank charity)

Rockstar Sport

Summit Fever Media (adventures films aplenty)

Tribe Yoga (check Covid-19 update page for Vimeo and donation page links)

Sally J Fisher

Edinburgh Fermentarium

Kate Pearson PT

Romaine Calm

Golden Hare independent bookshop

The New Chapter

Run & Become

New Leaf Coop

Dear Green coffee

Narrowboat Farm in Linlithgow

Papercup coffee

Consider It

Fortitude Coffee

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